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MDaheng image is the earliest in the industrial image acquisition card R & D and production enterprises, Daheng CG/VT series image card nearly five hundred thousand tablets have been widely applied to various fields of intelligent transportation, industrial inspection, aerospace, security surveillance, medical image analysis etc.. Daheng image acquisition card CG/VT series Windows/Linux support system, can achieve single frame and single frame field, continuous, continuous field image acquisition, support a variety of data formats, providing hardware keys and custom hardware box, PCI/PCI-E/PC-104+/Mini PCI bus, is ideal for the development of the high price of visual application system.
  Frame grabbers in DH-VT family are designed for image acquisition in industrial applications. Frames acquired by DH-VT boards can be transferred either to host memory in computer or to video memory ingraphic board. The data transmission performed has no CPU usage in host, so DH-VT boards are suitable for complicated tasks where real-time processing is required.detail...
  DH-VT142 image acquisition card is a color / black and white image acquisition card developed by our company. It is the use of a flexible, integrated high and low power consumption, the PCI-E * 1 bus, the collected image data transmission basic does not occupy CPU time, and the image is directly transmitted to the computer memory or memory, is quite popular in the market today a image acquisition card.detail...
  DH-CG410 is a single channel analog video frame grabber designed for real-time image acquisition in industrial applications, support up to 6 switchable analog video signal inputs. In addition to all the advantages of the DH-VT series frame grabbers, DH-CG410 can provide higher image definition, is the ideal choice to develop high-end analog video applications such as machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance, scientific research and any more.detail...
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