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  Daheng IMAVISION is a leading supplier in China that provides professional imaging & vision equipment as well as machine vision solutions. Daheng is able to offer all kinds of machine vision components like FA lenses, lights and lasers, industrial cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers and vision software, to system developers or integrators and assist them in developing vision solutions. End-users in print industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, glass industry, to mention a few, can also get their ready-to-use inspection machines or MV systems from Daheng IMAVISION. . 


  Binocular stereo vision is a subject which has broad application prospect, with the development of optics, electronics and computer technology, the continuous progress, and gradually applied to the field of robot navigation, industrial detection, biomedicine, virtual reality. With the increasing degree of practicality of the subject, the quantity and quality of talents in this field are also put forward. And Daheng image provided by binocular stereo vision system to provide a validation of binocular stereo imaging principle of open teaching platform for the cultivation of talent in this area, to explain the profound things in a simple way for beginners to understand the principle of the binocular calibration. At the same time combined with the stereo vision software platform, beginners can understand the implementation process of the entire algorithm.detail...
  Daheng image launched rotary experimental teaching platform as a translation experiment platform "sister", learners can experience to another way of motion simulation. Through actual operation platform provides all the visual experiment, learners can fully understand a machine vision system to set up process, but also can master the machine vision actual project involved in some of the commonly used algorithmsdetail...
  Frame grabbers in DH-VT family are designed for image acquisition in industrial applications. Frames acquired by DH-VT boards can be transferred either to host memory in computer or to video memory ingraphic board. The data transmission performed has no CPU usage in host, so DH-VT boards are suitable for complicated tasks where real-time processing is required.detail...
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