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Daheng image along with mercury family debut at the Stuttgart International Machine Vision Exhibition

Date:2016年11月25日 16:00


On November 2016 8-10, the world's largest Stuttgart International Machine Vision Exhibition opened on schedule, Daheng MER series of industrial products produced with camera debut exhibition (Vision Stuttgart 2016). As China made Daheng star represents the perfect ending, mercury series of industrial cameras also completed the international booth full family debut.

     During the exhibition, mercury, mercury series Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera USB3.0 series industrial camera, mercury Gigabit POE series industrial camera, mercury USB2.0 industrial camera with its exquisite design, hundreds of products, excellent image quality has won international recognition of customers.


     Many international customers long time around the booth, know the camera highlights, describes the use of the scene, asked in detail about the way of cooperation and so on, some customers from time to time to test the camera, and nodded in affirmation of our products. In the understanding of the amount of products and the company's industry leading position, many foreign customers request to be able to get the camera as soon as possible. There are some from Europe, North America, Japan, Southeast Asian customers to become our agent.
  Daheng image international friends also gave a high evaluation to our products, does not mean the words of praise, mercury series camera represents the pace of the new industrial camera.


     Daheng image will continue to plough through Chinese made 2025 in the East, give full play to the artisan spirit, will continue to be the most advanced products and perfect services continue to strengthen the leading position in the domestic top industrial digital camera manufacturers, and to the international first-class machine vision manufacturers constantly moving target!
  Since its inception in 1991, focus on machine vision Daheng image for 25 years, has always been committed to "promote the intelligent society with the progress and development of the application of visual image, witness and led to the vigorous development of the domestic machine vision industry. As a leading enterprise of domestic machine vision industry, as in the past will Daheng image with excellent talents and advanced technology, the popularity of technology progress and application in image and machine vision field, aimed at creating, development, production and marketing in the world high quality machine vision module and program products, and to help customers in various industries to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality, through continuously for customers to create value to realize their own value and service to the society.

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