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Daheng image invites you to participate in the 2017 Vision China (Shanghai)

Date:2017年3月1日 15:34


March 14, 2017 -16, 2017 Vision China China International Machine Vision Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo center. Then, Daheng image will bring its products (attend the exhibition hall N2, 2442), Tongren welcome to visit!

The exhibition, Daheng image will bring its mercury series of industrial cameras, 3D technology, 3D vision guided robot vision products, image processing software and more machine vision products grand debut, offer you a machine visual feast.


    In the exhibition site, the latest product image Daheng gigabit network camera series, mercury mercury Gigabit POE series cameras, mercury USB3.0 camera series will debut in the exhibition site, MERCURY mercury series CCD/CMOS industrial camera is designed for industrial machine vision application development CCD /CMOS compact digital camera products, the minimum is only 29mm * 29mm * 29mm all of the solid metal body, and configure the cable locking device, to ensure that the work in bad industrial environment is stable and reliable. Mercury series of industrial cameras to provide a variety of data interface, resolution and frame rate combinations for users to choose, support more than a single PC industrial camera synchronization, product pricing with a poly attractive, is an ideal choice for developers and system integrators to develop cost-effective application of machine vision system, let the user in the case of a limited budget can still be completed the application of visual system with high performance of various.


     In addition to the mercury series of industrial camera, the exhibition will also Daheng image viewers 3D robot vision guided robot technology, intelligent guide stand brings advanced 3D visual demonstration system. 3D vision technology adopts active light binocular scheme, the processing scheme is based on the HALCON algorithm library, through the hand eye calibration, guide the robot from the basket to grab the stacked work pieces. This technology is widely used in machine tool feeding system.

One of the key 3D visual products is the exhibition booth 3D, solve intelligent sensor, 3D laser triangulation method and the structure principle of light 3D camera and high precision measurement scheme based on 3D, the technology can solve many problems of measuring the height of 3C industry.

MVTec is the world's leading machine vision software company. HALCON and MERLIC is a machine vision image processing software with high speed and high accuracy, there are many excellent algorithms, we use the open type structure can be fast, efficient development of image system, is widely used in the world.

The machine vision technology and Application Conference held at the same time, will also present two Daheng image wonderful speech, let us talk with your people to learn a deeper knowledge in machine vision field!

Seminar arrangement:

1.Title: Depth learning in machine vision

 Speaker: German Mr. Torsten Wiesinger

 Position: Sales Director

 Company: Germany MVTec Software GmbH

 Time: March 14, 2017 15:20-15:50

 Location: N2 hall 2692


2. Title: 3D visual guidance program to help industrial robots intelligent grab application

 Speaker: Yang Yongyong

 Position: 3D product line manager

 Company: Daheng image

 Time: March 16, 2017 11:50-12:20

 Location: N2 hall 2692


Daheng image invites you to participate in the 2017 Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition

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