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Founded in 1991, Daheng IMAVISION is a leading supplier in China that provides professional imaging & vision equipments as well as machine vision solutions. Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to the advancement of imaging & vision technologies and delivered a range of own-developed vision products with many proprietary innovations. Being a know-how company with long history in machine vision industry, Daheng IMAVISION deserves trusts from counterparts all over the world and has established close cooperation with Allied Vision Technologies GmbH, AOS Technologies AG, IDT Inc., JAI Ltd., Teledyne DALSA, MVTec Software GmbH, Norpix Inc., LMI Technologies Inc., Vision Components GmbH, Coherent Inc., Gardasoft Vision Ltd, Silicon Software GmbH, CBC Group, Kowa Ltd., Myutron Ltd, Schneider Kreuznach, and SCHOTT/MORITEX.

After over two decades of rapid growth, Daheng IMAVISION becomes the most famous and successful vision company in China and consists of two stand-alone business units:

China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch develops, manufactures and sales vision components including industrial cameras, frame grabbers, lenses, LED lights, lasers, and vision software. 

Beijing Daheng Image Vision Co., Ltd develops, manufactures and sales machine vision systems and ready-to-use inspection machines for print industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, electronic industry, glass industry, and many more.

Some facts on Daheng IMAVISION:

 ♦ Own-developed frame grabber launched in 1991
 ♦ Own-developed industrial camera launched in 2002
 ♦ Business of machine vision systems started in 1993
 ♦ Independent R&D team with over 150 professionals
 ♦ Sponsor of the CSIG Machine Vision Industry Union
 ♦ Members of EMVA and AIA

As a high-tech company with the real strength, Daheng IMAVISION keeps its commitment to all customers - offering superior technologies, high-quality products and perfect service consistently.

Daheng (Group) Co., Ltd. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch

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